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Financial planning for the real world

Financial planning with spreadsheets is dire. Our fresh approach transforms it into something you’ll look forward to, not something you dread.

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Are you tired of managing multiple spreadsheets? Are data quality issues breaking trust in the numbers? Are you worn out trying to round-up spreadsheet mayhem into organized and connected business planning?

Six Degrees Planning is for people like you.

Financial planning that connects strategy to outcomes

Six Degrees Planning replaces spreadsheet workarounds, messy hacks, and uncertainty about data integrity with built-in workflows, effortless collaboration, and visual reports and dashboards.


Get control of the planning process

Delegate planning to departments, divisions, or subsidiaries whilst keeping 100% oversight. Tap into know-how in all corners of your business while keeping everyone on track using Six Degrees’ pre-built workflows to allocate and track planning tasks.

more frequent forecasting

Move to rolling forecasts

The world has changed – and so has the frequency of budgeting and planning processes. But when you’re using spreadsheets, rolling forecasts are hugely time-consuming and tricky to reconcile. Six Degrees Planning relegates spreadsheet consolidation to the past and frees you up for other, more valuable tasks like creating what-if scenarios.


Financial statement preparation

Tasks like preparing balance sheets and cashflow statements lose their magic when you’re forced to gather data from multiple spreadsheets and stitch them together. Six Degrees Planning lifts the lid on a better way. Monitor your business health vital statistics as you need with definable business rules that flow through to your financial statements.


A no surprises approach to planning

For most businesses proactively running financial scenarios is better than last minute scrambling. When you can roll out a best-case, worst-case and anything in-between budget and forecast scenarios without clocking up hours of extra work, you’ll know why you gave spreadsheets the boot. Six Degrees Planning gives you what-if planning tools that everyone can use.


A solution that is right-sized to your needs

Financial Reporting is the core Six Degrees module. Optionally mix and match any combination of the three planning modules.


What our customers say

We have great customers with amazing businesses. Read what they have to say about us.

“We have four different versions of forecast budgets – pre-COVID, conservative (post-COVID), stretch and optimistic. Centre Managers are finding that useful… Despite everything over the past few months with COVID, the budgeting rounds after implementing Six Degrees have been relatively painless. We’ve been able to keep focus on the business at such a crucial time.”

“Consolidating our planning spreadsheets was causing a huge headache for the finance team. Every time something changed we'd waste a lot of time recombining data from different sources and checking for errors before we'd be confident to share the updated numbers. Since we rolled Six Degrees out, we’ve seen a change. Not only are we able to plan more quickly, we've also enabled input and collaboration from all parts of the business, so I can be more confident in the accuracy of our plans.”

Once you start using Six Degrees, you’ll wonder why it took so long to make the switch.

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