financial reporting

Financial statements, not financial workarounds

Spreadsheets give static, incomplete views of your financial statements. You hack spreadsheets and macros to prepare trial balances and then cross your fingers hoping nothing has broken. And after all that, you can’t drill into the numbers to see how they’re built up.  

The core of Six Degrees is focused on financial statement preparation – profit and loss, balance sheets and cash flows. It maps all data to the GL, so that statements are always bang up to date.

reduce risk

Roll with changes and adjustments – not against them

Updating forecasts, model parameters and macros is tricky in spreadsheets. Rolling them out through multiple linked spreadsheets requires detail to attention most of us simply don’t have time for.

Six Degrees manages changes to models, assumptions and variables without anything breaking.

Always current
Automatically updates balance sheet and cashflow statements irrespective of where changes are made.
Top down adjustments
When making top-down adjustments, it flows down the hierarchy to affected entities automatically.
Changing spread methods
Moving from calendar days to 4-4-5 calendar days? Select the alternative spread methods and watch Six Degrees recalculate everything.
Changing your model
When your model changes, it rolls out by value or % increase or decrease across affected parameters.
View commentary notes and how costs were built-up.
Display expense data at any level (business unit, product line, supplier, location etc) and then aggregate it as needed.
View data created in other Six Degrees modules.
View data generated business rules, like interest calculations, allocations and recharges.
sharpen insight

X-ray vision to see the numbers behind the statements

Knowing how your numbers are built-up is impossible when using spreadsheets.

Six Degrees Planning gives a granular view of how any product, location, business unit contributes to the topline figures. Now you can have the big picture and all the detail in one place.

Other Features

Modules to give oomph to your financial planning

Once you start using Six Degrees, you’ll wonder why it took so long to make the switch.

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