CAPEX Planning

Robust planning for asset expenditure, depreciation and disposal

Relying on spreadsheets and disjointed systems when you’re managing fixed assets is crazy.

Customisable forecasts
Using Six Degrees, capex planning is leveled up. Forecast adding and disposing of assets, revaluations, depreciation and gain or loss on disposal. Take your planning to the next level by modelling different asset classes by varying depreciation rates according to type of asset.
Connected planning
When you’ve settled on a plan, pull the results into the GL and recalculate your balance sheet and cashflow. With all accounting entries automatically recalculated, you’re miles ahead of anything you can achieve in spreadsheets and your data quality is second-to-none.
DRIVER-BASED calculations

Unlimited dimensions

With unlimited dimensions you can plan for capital assets by cost centre, department, project, and asset class. Use asset classes to determine depreciation methods, rates, asset life and residual value. And hold and manage detailed information on each fixed asset by cost centre.

Other components

Better financial planning and analysis starts here

Once you start using Six Degrees, you’ll wonder why it took so long to make the switch.

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