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Harmonise your people and business plans

When up to 70% of a business’ costs are related to the workforce, leaving people planning to ad hoc spreadsheets that don’t align automatically with business-wide plans is risky.  

However your people costs are calculated – hourly rate, salaries, overtime or shifts, healthcare, pension and training add-ons, parental leave – your workforce planning can be driven from the bottom-up just as easily as top-down. Import sensitive HR data via CSV or integrate directly with your HR system for accurate payroll modelling.

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See financial impacts of people decisions

Model your workforce to develop your ultimate people recipe. Get the right mix of people, roles and timing that suits your plans. Six Degrees manages variances like salary bands, location, ramp-up-time for specific role types, projects and start dates for easier, more complete modelling.

Dive into the models to see the data as you need. Look at the big picture by business unit or head count. Or get into the weeds with modelling by seniority, compensation, role type, commission rates and more.
Whether you’re increasing payrates by a fixed or variable percentage or transferring headcount between departments, you’re able to model it all. International comparisons are managed with automatic currency conversions and role-based salary standardisation. When you’ve happy with your model, the results are automatically updated in the GL and the balance sheet and cashflow automatically update.
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Better financial planning and analysis starts here

Once you start using Six Degrees, you’ll wonder why it took so long to make the switch.

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