Why us

Better than the (current) sheet you’re working with

For teams who’re frustrated using spreadsheets for business planning, Six Degrees is the tool that will give you your life (and sanity) back!

Change is constant. Model it all.

Creating and managing different scenarios is time-consuming and potentially error laden. Using the scenario modelling capability built-in to every Six Degrees component, you’ll be able to quickly model multiple scenarios – and be prepared for whatever arises tomorrow. Reforecasting has never been easier.

Collaboration, not frustration

Financial planning is better when relevant parts of the business are involved.

Teammates deep in the business are often better at knowing what local factors will drive change and where the opportunities are. When you can get everyone involved who needs to be, without risk of spreadsheets breaking, security issues and copy and pasting errors, then you’ll have more powerful, reliable business planning.

Flexible driver-based planning

How ever your business plans – by quantity, price, product line, hours or rates,  Six Degrees' highly customisable driver-based approach means that your planning is always in step with your business. If you change your parameters, the models, plans and reports automatically update.

Surface information

It’s a hassle when you can’t see how numbers are built up. With Six Degrees you can drill into the numbers, enter a commentary, and fire any changes back into the workflow for others to review.

Big (and little) picture  

Visualise your data in fully customisable dashboards. Or alternatively share pre-built reports for better decision-making. And if the pre-built reports aren’t quite what you need, you can build your own with our report builder.

Kickstart your planning

Why reinvent the wheel when you can use Six Degrees' predesigned planning models for a fast start? Revenue, people and asset models come out of the box. And with built-in predictive analytics with AI smarts baked in you can model multiple scenarios and versions over long periods with ease.


A solution that is right-sized to your needs

Mix the core Financial Planning module with any combination of add-on modules or
simply run it by itself.


What our customers say

We have great customers with amazing businesses. Read what they have to say about us.

“We have four different versions of forecast budgets – pre-COVID, conservative (post-COVID), stretch and optimistic. Centre Managers are finding that useful… Despite everything over the past few months with COVID, the budgeting rounds after implementing Six Degrees have been relatively painless. We’ve been able to keep focus on the business at such a crucial time.” (Read the case study)

Made for people who know that using spreadsheets for planning has had its day. Six Degrees is for people like you.

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