Six core modules to help you grow with insight

Complete corporate performance management, simplified. 

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Revenue, budgeting and forecasting is critical in determining your organisation’s strategic direction and overall objectives. Six Degrees provides robust projections, trends, budgets and sales forecasts.

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Build up your expenses budgets and forecasts quickly from historic data or using the many Six Degrees productivity tools available. Allow budget holders close to the business to easily input changes to future forecasts as they happen.

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People planning

Personnel often account for 70% of a business’s expenditure, so forecasting ability and total visibility into headcount cost is essential, and managing staff efficiently is a critical business process.

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Fixed assets

With Six Degrees’ fully integrated capital asset planning you can forecast and plan for new fixed assets with confidence.

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Financial statements & consolidation

Easy to use financial reporting and analysis tools for a crystal clear view of financial operations and your bottom line. The latest numbers are available for any level within the organisation, and users can drill down to explore details of bang up to date consolidated figures.

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Dashboards & Analytics

Six Degrees uses MicroStrategy’s best-in-class dashboard capabilities to visualise your business data. This allows your team to easily compare different scenarios when planning ahead, supporting corporate performance management.

Integrates with ERPs

Six Degrees includes the BC Connector - which connects your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP to Six Degrees.