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Produce collaborative, accurate and timely budgets and forecasts. Enable seamless top down and bottom up planning to achieve optimal budgets and forecasts fast. Avoid working with out of date data and risky file sharing.

Say hello to better decision making, faster.

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current data

Works with most GL/ERP

Working with data that doesn’t refresh automatically is tricky at best. Disastrous at worst. That’s why Six Degree’s works with most GL, ERP, CRM, HR and fixed assets system.

If you’re a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central user, our Business Central connector gives your integration a head start and ensures you're always working with current data.

real-time analytics

Dashboards to tell a visual story

Six Degrees dashboards use visualisation techniques that'll track budgets, identify issues and spot which product lines are the most cost-effective for example. Transform complex information into powerful visualisations and graphs for easier and faster decision-making.  

Whether you need a top-level view or a deep dive, the customisable dashboards give you instant reports on the current month and year to date versus budget and analyse any variances.

Pre-set controls and templates make it easy to share reports, collaborate and revise plans in real time.


Workflows, task management and notifications

When you have multiple contributors, using spreadsheets for planning is disjointed. Using our customisable workflow tools, you can optimise any workflow to reflect your planning process. Set target dates for completion, send due date reminders, notifications when tasks are overdue and notify managers or individuals when tasks are complete. The workflows are designed to make it easier to collaborate and automate repetitive tasks.


Software backed by an ISO27001 certification

Make use of the built-in roles to control granular access for planning set up, analysis and plan contributors. Use Microsoft Account logins (with optional MFA) to ensure strong authentication before staff can access your data.

As well as being hosted in data centres that meet ISO27001 standards, our internal processes and development protocols are also ISO27001 certified.


A solution that is right-sized to your needs

Financial Reporting is the core Six Degrees module. Optionally mix and match any combination of the three planning modules.

Made for people who know that using spreadsheets for planning has had its day.  Six Degrees is for people like you.

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