Bring your financial planning closer to the action

Tailoring spreadsheets with multiple macros just to replicate your business model? Ready to never type ‘vlookup’ again?

Whatever your business model – business units, countries, franchises, sites or divisions – your business planning can be driven from the bottom-up just as easily as top-down.
Set nitty-gritty parameters based on different business rules and then post to different general ledger accounts based on these.
connected planning

Agile revenue planning that’s a picnic, not nightmare.

Six Degrees Planning is 100% customizable to your set-up – whether your business plans by product line, service provision, or units. With Revenue Planning we give you the level of detail and automation you need:

Customisable driver-based planning
Manages allocations automatically
Calculates commissions, rebates and returns
Assigns revenue to customers or vendors for indepth analysis
Pulls through results into the GL and recalculates profit and lost, balance sheet and cashflow statements automatically
Other components

Better financial planning and analysis starts here

Once you start using Six Degrees, you’ll wonder why it took so long to make the switch.

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