Revenue planning the way you work

Revenue forecasting is critical in determining your organisation’s strategic direction and overall objectives. Six Degrees makes it easy to develop robust revenue projections, trends, budgets and sales forecasts.

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Budget and forecast revenue the way you want.

  • Quickly reforecast the impact of key events upon revenue and margin

  • Quickly calculate impacts of price, quantity and cost changes upon revenue and margin

  • When working with your revenue you can plan revenue at individual product or product category detail and by customer, using unlimited rows, cell notes and attachments to any cell, including actuals and totals.

  • Forecast revenue by project

  • Calculate gross and net margin or any other metric instantly

  • Forecast future revenues using predictive analytics

  • Enter revenue by currency, amount or by multiple drivers such as units.

Plus all of the great features that makes budgeting easy in Six Degrees.