About Six Degrees


Designed, built and supported by experts

Behind every great product, there’s a great team. Six Degrees is a product of the Product Group at Theta, a NZ technology consultancy building software for customers worldwide. 

We have an in-depth understanding of the analytics and reporting space as well as ERP solutions. We combine this with our extensive domain knowledge in budgeting, forecasting, financial and strategic planning for the enterprise.

Six Degrees builds on the capabilities of MicroStrategy’s best-in-class dashboards and business intelligence analytics. It’s  a fully interactive tool and combines budgeting and forecasting, consolidation, financial planning and management reporting with highly intuitive ‘what if’ scenario planning to empower your organisation’s budgeting process.

Built on MicroStrategy by Theta

Working with us

After your demo, you’ll be up and running fast

  • At an initial meeting we’ll discuss needs, current issues, business drivers/risks and desired outcomes.

  • We’ll implement and test your solution.

  • We keep in touch as and when you need for support and ongoing development.           


Six Degrees is supported by Theta's Service Desk and a team of expert support staff.