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How to develop better  forecasts more quickly

Traditional tools are no longer fit-for-purpose

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Using Excel spreadsheets and clunky sotftware for business planning often results in:

  • Time-consuming consolidation of multiple spreadsheets

  • Highly error-prone forecasts 

  • Inability to adopt rolling forecasts or change financial models

  • Heavy reliance on team to manage the budgeting process

  • No way to dynamically view forecast comparisons

  • Loss of integrity in overall planning process

What if you could develop more robust forecasts, budgets and scenarios in less time? 

Complete budgeting system

With pre-built modules you can use straight away or easily customise, Six Degrees delivers financial statements, P&L, Balance Sheet, Cashflow, Variance Analysis and other critical summaries on demand.

  • Fixed period or rolling budgets and forecasts.

  • Multi-year, multi-scenario, multi-version budgeting and forecasting, multiple years of history.

  • Only adopt the modules you need. 


Ready to go and easily customised to your business. 

  • Integrate with your ERP directly or use the Business Central connector to pull your data from Dynamics 365 quickly.

  • SaaS or on-premise.

  • Use the workflows and permissions to make it easy to run bottom-up forecasting by many users. Even for those who only work on these projects occasionally.

Organisation-wide collaboration

Multi-user, collaborative environment ensures budgeting is an organisation-wide activity.

  • The task list capability takes managers on a step-by-step journey to a robust budget – particularly useful for ad-hoc users.

  • Role-based dashboards are easily configured to show task lists for each role.

  • Budget owners set target dates for tasks, and track progress with full visibility of task completion and which submissions have been approved.

  • Progress monitoring simplifies management of the budget process and timetable.

  • Full workflow to control the budget/forecasting process submission and approval across one or many signatories.

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Built-in flexible modelling

Built-in AI predictive analytics with a range of algorithms.


  • ‘What-if’ functionality handles multiple scenarios and versions over multiple years, so you can compare and contrast the outcomes of various strategies before anything is set in stone.

  • Advanced analytics AI algorithms to identify best-fit models

  • Driver-based planning and corporate overhead allocations let you work with a range of real-world variables. For instance, you can allocate IT costs according to the number of desks, office space, PCs etc.

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Win back time to grow your business with high integrity business planning and forecasting.

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 “From a Centre Manager perspective, the feedback I’m getting is that they’re enjoying the different scenarios. We have four different versions of forecast budgets – pre-COVID, conservative (post-COVID), stretch and optimistic. They’re finding that useful and uptake of the software has been really good.”

Jill Barnard,  Finance Director, BestStart