July 25, 2023

Powerful alone, better together: Six Degrees Planning and Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP

5 reasons why using Six Degrees Planning together with Business Central ERP makes good sense.

Adapting to change is a necessity for businesses to thrive. With technology advances, unpredictable weather events, and the lingering effects of the pandemic, businesses budgeting and forecasting has never been more important or complex. While Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP provides a foundation for financial reporting, businesses should consider a specialist planning tool to unlock more robust planning and scenario modelling. Six Degrees Planning ticks these boxes and integrates directly with Dynamics 365 BusinessCentral, so you'll have all the data you need to make planning even easier.

Materials planning versus business planning

Dynamics 365 Business Central has the planning capability for managing materials and suppliers built-in. This is especially useful if you're a manufacturer, or a business with many inputs.

However, business planning is more holistic than this. It allows you to model how various scenarios impact on different parts of your business. Business-wide planning helps model answers to questions like; how many staff you’ll need to meet increased manufacturing needs, what the impact on cashflow will be if you invest in plant, and how long new sales staff need to meet sales targets after they start. This is in addition to preparing financial statements such as profit and loss, balance sheet, and of course, cashflow.

Optimise planning with historical and current data

Six Degrees Planning combines historical transaction data from your financial records in Business Central with powerful contingency modelling capabilities.This allows you to access and analyse past data, identify trends, and make accurate predictions to improve strategic decision-making processes.

Accurate data where you need it

With the Business Central connector for Six Degrees Planning, manual data imports into your planning tool, or Excel spreadsheets, are a thing of the past. All the historic financial information is automatically available within Six Degrees Planning using the connector.

Precise cashflow forecasts

Understanding cashflow is a critical part of financial management. When planning with Six Degrees you’ll have better cashflow forecasts. By including your data from Business Central, you’ll have valuable insights into future cashflow scenarios you build. These data-driven insights help businesses to make strategic decisions to enhance financial stability and drive growth.

Cross-module planning

Six Degrees Planning supports several modules to give you holistic business plans that join up cross-functional planning and reporting options.  Users can access and analyse data from modules, such as personnel, assets, sales, purchases, and more, enabling a more comprehensive understanding of your financial performance.  Six Degrees Planning includes driver-based planning. When drivers are updated in any module, they automatically update all the related reports and modelling scenarios.

When you’re working with Business Central , Six Degrees Planning optimizes holistic business planning, generates accurate cashflow forecasts, and cross-module reporting.

If you’d like to see just how easy it is to work with Six Degrees Planning and Business Central together, please get in touch. We’d love to show you how these tools make business planning magic when used together.