Fixed Assets

Fixed asset planning for visibility and control

With Six Degrees’ fully integrated capital asset planning you can forecast and plan for new fixed assets with confidence.

Screenshot of Six Degrees planning tool's fixed assets feature

Six Degrees makes it easy to understand, manage and plan capital asset expenditure, depreciation and disposal or sale.

  • Hold and manage detailed information on each fixed asset by cost centre.

  • Use asset classes to determine depreciation methods, rates, asset life and residual value.

  • Unlimited dimensions mean users can plan capital assets by cost centre, department, project, and asset class.

  • Use driver-based planning to schedule new capital expenditure, and scenario planning to model the impact of disposal or sale of assets.

  • Model different depreciation methods and use spread tables to budget depreciation over time.

  • Link income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow for integrated financial statements. Depreciation values are automatically included in income statement, and asset values are always current in balance sheet and assets purchase costs and disposals proceeds are always reflected in cash flow.

  • Revalue assets at any time to reflect changing circumstances.

  • Add new assets to budget or forecast.